The Will of God

One of the major topics of concern with many believers is the will of God.  What does God want me to do?  I have come to think that we misunderstand the will of God.  We approach it this way.  We devise a plan and we pray that God will bless us as we launch out.  All though it is admirable to launch out into the deep, it is foolish to launch out into something God never intended for us.

I am trying to change the way I think by asking myself one or two questions.  First, where is God working?  Second, what is God doing?  We need to get in on His plan for this world instead of us trying to convince Him to get involved in our plans.  If we do this we are submitting to what He wants.

Christian, are you struggling in knowing what the Lord has for you?  I challenge you to immerse yourself in the Scriptures for the simple fact that we all need to know God better.  Develop a relationship with Him.  From there look for where He is working in your church, in your community, or maybe even in another location completely foreign from where you are.

We are living in the last of the last days.  These days are the most exciting days to serve God.  Get in on it.