When I think of church.

When I think of church I think of the people.  Church is not the place we go but the people we know.  God did not die for the building, but for the lives He is building.  The memories we hold are about the people.  The memories we hear about are about the people.  When we work with people we are investing in the lives of the same people God died for.

When I think of church I think of the preaching.  Preaching is front and center of every church service.  The preaching is what God prepares every preacher for.  The preaching is what motivates, molds, and moves.  The preaching is what establishes, errects, and edifies.  The preaching involves, invigorates, and inspires.  The preaching is called foolishness by the lost and wise by the Lord.

When I think of church I think of the music.  The music of the church is under attack.  The devil wants the music to change because his music is wicked, worldly, and weak.  It is the opposite of Godly music which prepares, pours truth in our hearts, and points to the Saviour.  The devil’s music undermines what God is doing in the hearts of man.  If a church’s music changes it can be guaranteed that the Bible will change as well, standards will go out the door, and church will no longer be church.

What do I think of when I think of church?  I think of a cause worth giving my life to.  I think of a cause worth helping others to get involved.  I think of how the God of the church is the only hope for this dying world.  When I think of church I am confronted by the fact that our mission, our mandate is the highest calling in the land.  The results are eternal and the rewards are worth reaping.  When I think of the church I think of our Lord and Saviour and His heartbeat for this world.  When I think of church I am forced to focus my life and desires on the things of the Lord.

The question must be asked.  We must be confronted with what we believe.  What do you think of when you think of church?  Is is a meeting place?  Is it the next thing on the weekly calendar?  Is it something you look forward to?  Is it something you are serious about?  The Lord gave himself for the church.  What are we giving our lives too?Image


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