The Lord Loves Righteousness

Psa 146:8
8 The Lord openeth the eyes of the blind:
the Lord raiseth them that are bowed down:
the Lord loveth the righteous:

There is no doubt in my mind the God loves righteousness.  I know our text says, “the righteous.”  The righteous could be the saved.  We all know saved people who do not love righteousness.  I am not saying in any way, shape, or form that God does not love people.  I do believe that when we love our “guilty pleasures” (sin) that God is not pleased with that.  We are predestined to be like Him.  We cannot be like Him if we are hanging on to our sinful ways.

Consider the first part of the verse, “The Lord openeth the eyes of the blind…”  Do you remember when the Holy Spirit convicted you of your sins?  We were blind.  We did not know our sins separated us from a Holy God.  We did not know we were enemies of God. 

We were blind to the fact that our sin carried a penalty that is impossible to pay off.  That penalty is death in Hell.  That is the reason I got saved.  I did not want to go to Hell.  Scripture opened our eyes to the fact that Hell is a real place.

We were blind until one day someone pointed out from the Bible how that we can know for sure that when we died we could go to Heaven instead of Hell.  I remember that day my eyes were opened and I saw what God saw, a sinner who deserved Hell. 

The question is a simple question.  The question is a direct question.  If we were blind, why do we close them?  We know what God says about sin, and about living a righteous life.  We know that we are to put no wicked things before our eyes.  Yet, we do.  We are comfortable in our sin.  Some may be even comfortable in the chastisement of that sin.  Our country is hurting because our churches are hurting.  Our churches are hurting because Christians are not Christians. 

The term Christians was given to people who lived like Christ.  The first Christians did not give themselves that name.  The world gave them that name.  They were not given that name because they lived like the world.  They loved righteousness and it showed.

Believer, we must wake up and determine to be a  Christian.  God opened our eyes at salvation.  We must keep them opened. 


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